Company activities

Manning services

We are offering manning services of officers and crew for various types of vessels, including partial manning (officers only). Officers and crew consist of various nationalitiessuch as East and West European, Indian and Filipino.


Crew Management package includes such services as:

  • Initial interview and selection of crew
  • Pre-employment – "Tailor made" familiarization training, reflecting companies procedures and ISM requirement
  • Pre-employment medical examinations with D&A test
  • Visa applications
  • Seafarer's travel arrangements - joining and repatriation
  • Payment of crew allotments & salaries with shipboard accounting
  • Monitoring of appraisal reports
  • Arrangements of various crew training

For more info see Crew page.


As one of the most important factors for safe, efficient, economical and environment friendly ship operation through our daily activities we can offer wide range of STCW'95 mandatory training, as well as "Tailor-made" courses in accordance to the specific needs of various principals such as:

  • Safety training
  • Bridge and Engine team training
  • Ships handling
  • Engine room operation
  • Specialized oil cargo handling
  • Microsoft certified training
  • Maritime English communication
  • ISM / SMS approved training

For additional info see Training page.


Other activities - technical services

  • Arrangements of Marine and Technical Superintendents to attend repair work in port
  • Preparing & supervising dry-docking, negotiation repair bills
  • Repairs during voyage by maintenance teams
  • Marine consultancy:
    • Ships surveying
    • Annual Safety inspection on behalf of Maritime Administration
    • Pre-registration inspection on behalf of Maritime Administration
    • Pre-purchase and conditional surveys
    • Consulting services on development and implementation of Safety Management System, ISM Code for Shipping Companies
    • Consulting in creation of SMS documentation
    • Internal ISM audits of Companies as well as company vessels

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