GMDSS Simulator

GMDSS Simulator
GMDSS Simulator

Transas TGS 5000GMDSS simulator covers the essential areas of maritime training in full compliance with STCW’95 Code and IMO Model Course 1.25 and 1.26. 

According to the 1995 STCW Code (Section B-I/12, paragraph 41) GMDSS communication simulation equipment should be capable of simulating GMDSS communication equipment which meets all applicable performance standards adopted by the IMO, and incorporate the following facilities: 

  • Simulate the operation of VHF, VHF-DSC, NAVTEX, EPIRB and watch receiver equipment as required for the Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC)
  • Simulate the operation of INMARSAT-B , C and Fleet 77 ship earth stations, MF/HF NBDP, MF-HF DSC, VHF, VHF-DSC, NAVTEX, EPIRB and watch receiver equipment as required for the General Operator’s Certificate (GOC)
  • Simulation of maritime safety information transmission via SafetyNET, NAVTEX and HF NBDP services
  • Imitation of radio wave propagation using radio ether model, which takes into account the frequency range, time of the day and distance between the stations
  • Conducting SAR operations using the radar for detecting SART marks, prompt change of the ship’s course and speed
  • An electronic chart displaying the coast station bases, GMDSS sea areas, SAR areas, plus the capability to make a rough estimate of the radio waves propagation in the selected frequency band
  • Possibility to change from the network operation to the single-user mode to provide the self-education in Demo, Test and Exam modes
  • Recording and playback of radiotelephone communications
  • Provide voice communication with background noise ( Background noise plus some types of interferences in addition)
  • Provide a printed text communication facility including rephrasing procedure in accordance with ITU-R Rec. M.625
  • Create a real-time operating environment, consisting of an integrated system, incorporating at least one instructor/assessor station and at least two GMDSS ship or shore stations

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