Fire Fighting Training Site

Fire Fighting Training Site
Fire Fighting Training Site

In addition to the ordinary classroom facilities used for theoretical part of the course, for the practical part of the course, demonstration and exercise the building for smoke and fire drills was constructed. Whole building measures approximately 8 m x 3.6 m x 5 m. The different rooms are designed as: a cabin, a corridor/open room, a hold entrance and a deep tank. Every room in the building is readily accessible from the outside as a safety precaution. In addition access between rooms by manholes, manholes and vertical ladders and vertical ladders and doors are made.
Smoke is produced using a professional grade smoke generator which is using nontoxic chemicals for producing various types of smoke. There is no restriction concerning smoke emissions in the area.
The location of this building and area for fire fighting is made adjacent to the lecture room, toilet and shower facilities.

For purpose of realistic training fire fighting area with building for smoke and fire drills was constructed with following dimension: 

  • Training Site size (concrete) - 26m x 10m
  • Enclosed space building - 8m x 3.6m x 5m

The new training requirements for the competence include:

  • communication and co-ordination during fire fighting
  • management and control of injured persons
  • procedures for co-ordination with shore-based fire fighters
  • contingency plans and strategies and tactics for control

In order to meet new training requirements training site is equipped with all required equipment meeting and exceeding IMO recommendation i.e.:

  • Dummies for search and rescue procedures
  • Fire hoses
  • Fire nozzles
  • Generator of high-expansion foam and foam compound
  • High-expansion foam monitor
  • Foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide extinguishers
  • Protective clothing
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus – complete, with pare cylinders
  • First-aid kit
  • Resuscitation kit with oxygen/suction unit
  • Sets of fire-protective clothing
  • Helmets with visor
  • Fire axes
  • Safety lines with snap hooks
  • Safety belts
  • Cut samples of different type of equipment used on board ships

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