High Voltage Simulator

High Voltage Simulator

The high voltage distribution systems are now commonly used in several ship types:

  • Electric Propulsion Cruise Ships
  • Electric Propulsion LNG Tankers
  • Warships
  • Electric Propulsion oil industry support vessels
  • Dynamic Positioning ships

To meet the new training requirements, TRANSAS, in cooperation with ABB, has developed a real hardware high voltage generator breaker cabinet. The breaker is interfaced to our other simulators (Navigational, Engine Control Room) so that the High Voltage training can be conducted in realistic environment.

The bus ties and generator breakers are installed in the main switchboard and are normally “front loading Vacuum Circuit Breakers”. The electrical systems are of common design and operate at the following voltages:

  • Up to 6,600 V
  • 3 phase
  • 60 Hz
  • Generators 3,350 to 4,000 kW


  • Breaker construction
  • Earthing arrangements
  • Breaker safety interlocks
  • Isolation testing
  • Breaker removal
  • Insulation testing
  • Breaker replacement
  • Setting to work


  • Marine high voltage system introduction
  • Electrical isolation planning
  • Prime mover (generator) mechanical isolation
  • Power management systems
  • Understanding safety as personal responsibility
  • Electricity and work planning
  • Identification of hazards
  • Emergency procedures and contacts/location of emergency gear
  • Knowledge of circuits/power feeds/emergency shutdown and isolation devices
  • Company protocols
  • Isolation of breakers in ships electrical systems
  • The use of test equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Definition and identification of circuit condition/energized work conditions
  • Practical assessment of personnel and assignment of work/qualification of worker

A complete safe removal and replacement procedure may be conducted for training and assessment. These include the isolation of both mechanical and electrical isolation of generator system prior to the start of work. All tools, test equipment and personal protective equipment required to carry out the operation are supplied with the breaker, which includes the breaker cart as well.

For safety reasons high voltages are not used within the training breaker. The presence of high voltages is simulated using low powered radio signals. A specially adapted high voltage probe signals the presence of voltage on the bus bars using a specially adapted test probe.

High Voltage personal protective equipment (PPE) is supplied and available as a part of the training breakers equipment.

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