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Double Hull Crude Oil Tanker Simulator

Double hull crude oil tanker simulator
Double hull crude oil tanker simulator

The cargo control console is fully functional replica of the cargo control console and monitor found on a modern Double hull very large crude carrier (VLCC). It perfectly enables trainees to operate valves and pumps under the same conditions as well as actual VLCCTank Radar Level Measurement System.

Local Operation Board

The local operation is displayed on plasma screens with smart board capability - board showing the piping diagram in the pump room and on the upper deck, enabling trainees to monitor and operate local valves.

Instructor PC

A personal computer allows the instructor to control simulator operation, and allows input of different conditions, including malfunctions and emergency situations.

Calculator PC

The calculator PC transmits and displays the pressure and level of each tank, and vessel’s stability according to the input from the cargo control console and the instructor’s PC
“Starpath radar” for measuring the level of cargo in the tanks.

Student Work Station - PC Network

Server/instructor station allows student to set-up work station as: stand-alone station and to perform exercise alone, to combine station and simulate different parts of operation board and / or to monitor work of student exercise on cargo control console.

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