Resusci Anne

Resusci Anne
Resusci Anne

Based on the learning objectives and curriculum of various emergency medical personnel, this full-bodied simulator is the perfect training companion for hospitals, emergency medicine and military personnel, as well as educational centers.

The Resusci Anne Simulator provides the key simulation functionalities including a high-quality airway, spontaneous breathing, ECG, live defibrillation, IV, blood pressure, voice, lung sounds and heart sounds for basic simulation training.

QCPR is displaying all relevant CPR data during session as well as improving CPR debrief with a wide range of data recorded.

Benefits of using the Resusci Anne:

  • Pre-programmed learning scenarios for rapid simulation training
  • High quality CPR performance by sharpening the crucial skills necessary to perform exceptional one or two person CPR while working in teams. QCPR gives the instructor real-time performance indicators for compressions, ventilations and hands-off time.
  • Educationally effective for learning core clinical, communication and teamwork skills through simulation.
  • Delivers education efficiency by targeting the key skills specifically required for emergency situations.
  • Cost efficient with traditional Resusci Anne quality and durability.
  • Anatomically realistic body and airway allow the simulation of patient treatment including basic airway management, baseline vital signs assessment and CPR.

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