Azalea Maritime Training Centre

Azalea Maritime Training Centre was registered as a joint-stock company at the Commercial Court, reg. no. FI 3690/01., in February 2002. Four parties are the founders of the Training Centre having the ownership structure as follows:

MOL Maritime (Europe) BV 80%
Private Holding 15%
Government of Montenegro, represented by Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs 5%

Particulars of the Company:

Date established: 28th of May 2002
Company Worth: 2,000,000.00 USD
President of the Board: Capt. Nenad LAZOVIC
Bankers: NLB Montenegrobanka


Azalea Maritime Training Centre was awarded STCW '95 approval from the Administration of Serbia & Montenegro as from 29th of April 2003, under the license number: 04-571/1-03.

Wishing to provide to its customers the state-of-the-art equipment, the Training Centre acquired specialised simulators that reflect the real life situation of particular departments onboard ship and the duties of officers and other staff in them. Some of the simulators we own are one of their kinds in our country, and among the rare ones in the world (e.g. TERASAKI Tanker Simulator to practice loading, transport and discharge of oil cargoes).

Apart from simulators, the training on hands-on equipment is specially emphasised in order to minimize the occurrence of accidents onboard ship. As well as basic skills, trainees also have compulsory training in fire fighting, personal survival techniques, life/rescue boat and liferaft and medical first aid and care. To have more realistic presentation of practical training, in addition to classrooms and demonstration equipment used for theoretical part of courses, we have also established two special training sites (polygon) with a fully functional lifeboat and liferaft and a model of shipboard interior for the demonstration of advanced firefighting in enclosed spaces. The Training Centre has also chartered a tug (67 DWT), on which trainees may practice different specialised training scenarios.

Training is performed and monitored by teaching personnel of high expertise, being partly employed ashore, at the Training Centre, and partly aboard. Thus, they are able to keep in touch with new technologies and standards encountered in practice and to apply them in the training performed within Azalea Maritime Training Centre.

Information technologies, which modern shipping is increasingly more dependent on, are an important tool seafarers use on a daily basis. Therefore, the Azalea Maritime Training Centre established close cooperation with Microsoft authorised training centres in order to offer seafarers, as well as other interested parties, training according to Microsoft standards. Trainees may apply both individually and as a group for the appropriate Microsoft course for which Azalea Maritime provides a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Official Curriculum, high quality brand-name equipment, and upon the completion of training, authorised Microsoft certificates.

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