Machine Tools Operation

Machine Tools Operation
Course Information
Course requirement STCW recommended
Duration in hours 40
STCW references  

The subjects covered should serve as a valuable introduction for those who have little experience in measuring and machining and also very useful for experienced engineers. Trainees will gain considerable benefit as they will explore and experience a variety of machine tools operation techniques. The course includes specific principles of machine tools operation with their practical application using various operational techniques.

The course is of limited duration and therefore cannot be considered as providing comprehensive machinist training, which would take much longer.

This course is primarily intended for marine engineers who will be responsible for machining operations for repairing and maintenance on board ship, but is equally suitable for engine ratings in performing their duties and responsibilities safely and efficiently during their on board employment.

Upon completion of the course, trainees will gain sound knowledge about:

  • using safe practices at all times
  • understanding the parts and functions
  • application of the correct procedures for setting up and securing work for any given machining operation
  • the proper use of lathe, grinding, milling and drilling machine
  • grinding and selecting the appropriate cutting tools, accurate measurements and machining sequences for a given time
  • maintenance of tools and appropriate equipment in order to be ready for use at any time
  • practical application with the fabrication of a given specified project

This training course is intended for marine engineers and for ratings with on board experience.

  • Introduction to the machines (lathe, milling, grinding and drilling machine), their purpose, potentials, maintenance, safety procedures before, during and after the operation
  • Introduction to the tools which are used during working operations (holding circuit tools and cutting tools)
  • Introduction to measuring equipment, which is used during working operations
  • Practical work with the machines

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