Training Figures Courses There is a huge demand for high quality and well trained personnel to manage and operate the technologically sophisticated ships of today. The importance of education and training can never be overestimated. At the same time modern technology can never replace good seamanship, but it can always improve it. Therefore, training is one of the most important factors for safe, efficient, economical and environment friendly ship operation.

Well trained and competent seafarers are the number one criterion for success. That is why this state-of-the-art Azalea Maritime Training Centre, first of non-state maritime establishment with Administration STCW approval, was founded in Montenegro.

Azalea's flagship training centre is equipped with latest training technology including ship handling and navigation simulator, engine room simulator, liquid cargo handling and ballast operations simulator, "unique" VLCC – crude oil handling simulator, real life/rescue boat, etc.

Training is performed and monitored by teaching personnel of high expertise, being partly employed ashore, at the Training Centre, and partly onboard. Thus, they are able to keep in touch with new technologies and standards encountered in practice and to apply them in the training performed within Azalea Maritime Training Centre. Students attending a wide range of training courses offered at Azalea Maritime Training Centre will stand every chance of becoming the officers of tomorrow.


Our training areas include:

  • Cadet training
  • Maritime Safety
  • Medical and First Aid and Medical Care
  • Fire Fighting (basic and Advanced)
  • Radar and ARPA
  • Navigation, Ships Handling/Bridge Team Procedures
  • Maritime Resource Management
  • Ship Security/Safety Training
  • Engineering, Engine Team/Engine Room Procedures
  • Handling and maintenance of High Voltage systems, Practical electrical knowledge
  • Tanker Familiarization and Advanced Training Programme on Oil Tanker operations
  • Specialized Oil Tanker Training – Handling of Oil Cargo

Apart from the mandatory training courses we are able to offer tailor-made courses to your specific needs by using the experience we have in meeting the industry requirements.

Our aim, goal and business policy is to provide intensive training for officers and crew in necessary know-how and skills so that they can perform their duties meeting the highest standards required by today's shipping industry.

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