Yacht Skipper up to 200 GT

Yacht Skipper up to 200 GT
Course Information
Course requirement STCW recommended
Duration in hours 55
STCW references A-II/3, A-VIII/2 – 3.1, B-II/1, B-I/12, B-VIII/2 – 3.1

The course aims to provide the trainees with introduction knowledge and understanding of basic theory and practical skills necessary for a Yacht Skipper up to 200GT.

The course is designed for all candidates that want to become Yacht Skipper up to 200GT and meet the conditions set out in the Regulation on ranks and certification of seafarers (Official Gazette of Montenegro number 55/2013).

Candidates successfully completing the course will be competent to navigate, determine the position on paper and electronic charts, use instruments and nautical publications on the yacht, steer and manoeuvre, understand the yacht engine systems (engine, installation – switchboard, autopilot, mooring and berthing equipment). Will gain knowledge about rules and regulations referring to safety at sea, maritime meteorology and oceanography and maritime law together with communication in English language in case of distress, urgency and safety using Standard Marine Communication Vocabulary and Standard Maritime Communication Phrases.

Officers who would like to undertake this course must have approved seagoing service of not less than 12 months as Yacht Skipper up to 100 GT orbe in possession of a valid CoC (minimum Officer in charge of a navigational watch or Officer in charge of an engineering watch).

All trainees must be certified by doctor to be in good health.

The course takes full account of the detailed outline set in D.10. part of the Regulation on ranks and certification of seafarers (Official Gazette Montenegro number 55/2013).

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