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Vetting, SIRE and Tanker Inspections - Class Approved

Vetting, SIRE and Tanker Inspections - Class Approved
Course Information
Course requirement STCW recommended
Duration in hours 24
STCW references OCIMF recommendations

The SIRE training course is designed for junior and senior deck and engine

officers in order to facilitate their understanding of the whole SIRE vetting process

and procedures, to emphasize importance of today vetting inspections, how to prepare, manage and proper report of inspection in order to eliminate remarks and to avoid recurrence, encourage to share and explore real life scenarios by participating in various realistic workshops, and understand purpose and functionality of available company database.

The course takes into consideration the recommendations of the latest industry standards regarding vetting process, OCIMF recommendations and latest available Company database.

This course is Bureau Veritas class approved.

The course is designed for junior and senior officers who want to familiarize themselves with the proper SIRE procedures.

The course aims to provide trainees with understanding the history and purpose of

SIRE inspection, terms related to vetting inspection, to understand the conduct of SIRE inspection, how inspection is arranged and concluded, understand the use of inspection tools and other documents related to inspection, understand the

necessary preparations during inspection, to determine individual’s role and responsibilities during the inspection, know and understand the consequences on the failure of inspection, understand the right conduct and approach in dealing with the inspector and enhance crew awareness and sense of responsibility to keep the vessel ready for inspection at all times.

Those wishing to start this training course should be in possession of a valid COC (minimum Officer in charge of a navigational or an engineering watch).

  • History and purpose of vetting inspections
  • Preparation and conduct of inspections
  • VIQ tools
  • SIRE database
  • Vetting Inspection Management
  • Workshops

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